Books » 50 Cents a Pattern: Crocheted Bears
Books » 50 Cents a Pattern: Crocheted Bears

50 Cents a Pattern: Crocheted Bears
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Crochet 20 little bears and dress them up in a wonderful range of colorful outfits that will delight both adults and children alike. All the bears in the book are based on the same, simple crocheted bear, approximately 4 in tall, instructions for which are provided at the beginning of the book. The bears have a firm texture and are made in a stable, seated position.
There are 20 unique bears to choose from, each with its own crocheted outfit, and of course, all of the characters can be adapted by simply changing the colors used or by mixing and matching the various items of clothing and accessories. The reader can build up a collection of their own handmade bears, or create gorgeous, personalised gifts for their friends and family to suit any occasion. With the simple instructions inside they can make their little bears on the go.
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Author: Val Pierce
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 48 Pages, 20 Projects