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Knitting Patterns

The latest knitting patterns featuring Knit Picks Yarns.

Pi Waves Shawl Pattern
Pi Waves Shawl $5.99 New

Clavi Shawl Pattern
Clavi Shawl $3.99 New

Laila Peak Cowl Pattern
Laila Peak Cowl $4.99 New

Pipevine Shawl Pattern
Pipevine Shawl $3.99 New

The Mug Shrug Pattern
The Mug Shrug $4.99 New

Yvaine Cardigan Pattern
Yvaine Cardigan $5.99 New

Wovena Cowl Pattern
Wovena Cowl $4.99 New

Espira Cowl Pattern
Espira Cowl $3.99 New

Ismay Shawl Pattern
Ismay Shawl $5.99 New

Adagio Vest Pattern
Adagio Vest $4.99 New

Bradbury Mitts Pattern
Bradbury Mitts $2.99 New

Charlatan Shawl Pattern
Charlatan Shawl $5.99 New

Mayil Shawl Pattern
Mayil Shawl $4.99 New

Nami Clutch Pattern
Nami Clutch $1.99 New

Old Magic Shawl Pattern
Old Magic Shawl $5.99 New

Aloisa Shawl Pattern
Aloisa Shawl $5.99 New

Arabesque Cowl Pattern
Arabesque Cowl $3.99 New

Au Bois Cowl Pattern
Au Bois Cowl $4.99 New

Chloe Mitts Pattern
Chloe Mitts $2.99 New

Montrose Shawl Pattern
Montrose Shawl $2.99 New

Pavo Cowl Pattern
Pavo Cowl $1.99 New

Gosling Beanie Pattern
Gosling Beanie $1.99 New

Jayda's Scarf Pattern
Jayda's Scarf $3.99 New

Sims Cowl Scarf Pattern
Sims Cowl Scarf $3.99 New

White Pebble Pattern
White Pebble $4.99 New

Aiden Emery Pattern
Aiden Emery $5.99 New

Heartful Shawl Pattern
Heartful Shawl $5.99 New

Zagged Cowl Pattern
Zagged Cowl Free New