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Knitting Patterns

The latest knitting patterns from top independent designers available for download from $1.99.

Black Diamond Pattern
Black Diamond Free New

House of Clubs Pattern
House of Clubs Free New

Abby Pattern
Abby $2.99 New

Bedford Pattern
Bedford $4.99 New

Blanca Pullover Pattern
Blanca Pullover $7.99 New

Eternity Scarf Pattern
Eternity Scarf $2.99 New

Hamilton Pattern
Hamilton $4.99 New

Helix Hat Pattern
Helix Hat $3.99 New

January Cowl Pattern
January Cowl $1.99 New

November Cowl Pattern
November Cowl $1.99 New

Sophie's Shrug Pattern
Sophie's Shrug $4.99 New

The Woods Pattern
The Woods $2.99 New

Trillare Pattern
Trillare $4.99 New

Zen: The Hat Pattern
Zen: The Hat $3.99 New

Zen: The Mitts Pattern
Zen: The Mitts $3.99 New

Zen: The Shawl Pattern
Zen: The Shawl $5.99 New

Zen: The Socks Pattern
Zen: The Socks $3.99 New

Arciform Pattern
Arciform $5.99 - $14.00 New

Fair Isle Pants Pattern
Fair Isle Pants $5.99 - $14.00 New

Liege Pattern
Liege $5.99 - $14.00 New

Polonaise Pattern
Polonaise $5.99 - $14.00 New

Thing To Wear Pattern
Thing To Wear $5.99 - $14.00 New

Fawned Pattern
Fawned $4.99 New

Gaufrer Cowl Pattern
Gaufrer Cowl $4.99 New

Quadrat Pattern
Quadrat Free New

Seed Stitch Hat Pattern
Seed Stitch Hat $4.99 New