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Knitting Patterns

The latest knitting patterns featuring Knit Picks Yarns.

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Chironax Cowl Pattern
Chironax Cowl $4.99 New

Daisy Slippers Pattern
Daisy Slippers $4.99 New

Garmond Socks Pattern
Garmond Socks $4.99 New

Juliet Bag Pattern
Juliet Bag $4.99 New

Merrifield Hat Pattern
Merrifield Hat $4.99 New

NY Cowl Pattern
NY Cowl $4.99 New

Swell Hat Pattern
Swell Hat $4.99 New

Winter Blooms Pattern
Winter Blooms $4.99 New

Woodmere Mitts Pattern
Woodmere Mitts $4.99 New

Zigzag Mittens Pattern
Zigzag Mittens $4.99 New

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