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Knitting Patterns

The latest knitting patterns featuring Knit Picks Yarns.

Crescendo Pattern
Crescendo $4.99 New

Elodia Socks Pattern
Elodia Socks $4.99 New

Hailey's Afghan Pattern
Hailey's Afghan $4.99 New

Islena Pattern
Islena $5.99 New

Cotyledon Socks Pattern
Cotyledon Socks $4.99 New

Enwrapped Pattern
Enwrapped $1.99 New

Irish Lullaby Pattern
Irish Lullaby $6.99 New

Mini Meow Pattern
Mini Meow $4.99 New

Caucus Socks Pattern
Caucus Socks $2.99 New

Drifte Pattern
Drifte $4.99 New

Kite Bunting Pattern
Kite Bunting Free New

Hexagon Owl Set Pattern
Hexagon Owl Set $5.99 New

Cabled Cozies Pattern
Cabled Cozies Free New

Lithic Pattern
Lithic $3.99 New

Portree Poncho Pattern
Portree Poncho $5.99 New

Smocked Socks Pattern
Smocked Socks $4.99 New