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Free Knitting Patterns

Endless inspiration awaits! Discover free knitting patterns for socks, accessories, toys, hats, mittens, home décor and more.

PICC Arm Band Pattern Pattern
PICC Arm Band Pattern Free New / Sale

Benefaction Knit Hat Pattern
Benefaction Knit Hat Free New / Sale

Calming Baby Knit Hat Pattern
Calming Baby Knit Hat Free New / Sale

Comfort Knit Pet Blanket Pattern
Comfort Knit Pet Blanket Free New / Sale

Kitty-Corner Knit Square Pattern
Kitty-Corner Knit Square Free New / Sale

Rainbow Knit Blankie Pattern
Rainbow Knit Blankie Free New / Sale

Audrey Pattern
Audrey Free New

Psh-shawl Pattern
Psh-shawl Free New

Meandre Pattern
Meandre Free

Dreidel Pattern
Dreidel Free

Eyeballs Pattern
Eyeballs Free

Froggy Pattern
Froggy Free

Corylus Pattern
Corylus Free

Snowmen Pattern Pattern
Snowmen Pattern Free Sale