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Summer Yarn Sale Book Sale (Limited to stock on hand. Sale ends July 25, 2016) Yarn Guide

All $1.99 Knitting Patterns

Beryl Top Pattern
Beryl Top $1.99

Windy Pattern
Windy $1.99

Starband Pattern
Starband $1.99

Pookies Pattern
Pookies $1.99

Honey Hat Pattern
Honey Hat $1.99

Tree Dude Pattern
Tree Dude $1.99

Trossocks Pattern
Trossocks $1.99

Padma Hat Pattern
Padma Hat $1.99

Crox Sox Pattern
Crox Sox $1.99

Joule Hat Pattern
Joule Hat $1.99

Amy Sock Pattern
Amy Sock $1.99

Tango Hat Pattern
Tango Hat $1.99

Horse Hat Pattern
Horse Hat $1.99

Cat Bag Pattern
Cat Bag $1.99