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Knitting Swap Kit


Everyone knows that there is nothing knitters like more than a good swap! Not only is this a great way of sharing your most loved tools and accessories with your fellow knitters, but it is a wonderful way of saying "thank you" for all of the advice on yarn and help with tricky patterns that your knitting circle has given you. The Knitting Swap Kit makes it easy to pass along the gift of great accessories to other knitters. The kit includes an adorable Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measure, a Yarn Dots Born to Knit pin, an Emergency Fix keychain, and a Sock Doctor keychain that lists the anatomy of a sock on one side, the kitchener stitch on the other, and even includes a darning needle tucked inside! All of this comes packed away inside our "I Heart Knit Picks" drawstring bag, which measures 9.5" wide and 11.5" tall.

The Knitting Swap Kit includes:

Yarn Dots, Born to Knit
Sock Doctor Keychain
Emergency Fix Keychain
Sock Blocker Keychain
Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measure
"I Heart Knit Picks" Drawstring Bag

Item No. 80419
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