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Knitting Emergency Kit

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A dropped stitch that keeps dropping. Realizing you made that mistake on your lace shawl - several rows down. Coming to terms that sweater you are almost done with is either way too big or way too small. These are all scenarios that have happened at least once to every knitter. Enter, the Knitting Emergency Kit! Relieve a bit of the stress and heart ache involved in these moments of chaos with a nice cup of hot cocoa, some soothing foot cream, and your trusty emergency fix keychain. The kit includes a 16 oz. "I Heart Knit Picks" mug, Soak's Heel scentless foot cream, the Emergency Fix keychain, and one packet of hot cocoa mix with instructions for what to do in case of a knitting emergency. The Knitting Emergency Kit works wonders for future knitting mishaps and also makes a great gift for your knitting friends.

The Knitting Emergency Kit includes:

Emergency Fix Keychain
Soak's Heel Scentless Foot Cream
Emergency Fix Hot Cocoa, 1 packet
16 oz. "I Heart Knit Picks" Mug

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