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Jumbo Interchangeable Birch Wood Circular Needle Tips

$8.99 - $10.99

Comprised of gorgeously smooth and strong birch wood, our jumbo circular knitting needle tips are available in a range of whopping US sizes 19, 36 and 50.

Ideal for super chunky or multi-stranded yarns, you can swiftly knit rugs, blankets, gushy cowls and much more. They're a must-try for every knitter to behold as tried-and-true projects become novel, super-fast and oddly fun! Interchangeable cables are sold separately.

Size 19 (15.0 mm)

SKU: 91142
Size 36 (20.0 mm)

SKU: 91143
Size 50 (25.0 mm)

SKU: 91144

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