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Jumbo Interchangeable Birch Wood Circular Needle Tips

$8.09 - $9.89

Comprised of gorgeously smooth and strong birch wood, our jumbo circular knitting needle tips are available in a range of whopping US sizes 19, 36 and 50.

Ideal for super chunky or multi-stranded yarns, you can swiftly knit rugs, blankets, gushy cowls and much more. They're a must-try for every knitter to behold as tried-and-true projects become novel, super-fast and oddly fun! Interchangeable cables are sold separately.

Size 19 (15.0 mm)

SKU: 91142
  10% off
Size 36 (20.0 mm)

SKU: 91143
  10% off
Size 50 (25.0 mm)

SKU: 91144
  10% off

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5 out of 5 stars

After reading all sorts of reading, I decided to buy one too! It was worth spending money on it since it has sharp point, feels good on hands, not slippery on works best with dark color yarn since I can see them at night too!