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8" Foursquare Majestic Wood Double Point Needles

$8.79 - $8.79

Foursquare needles take the same Knit Picks needles that you know and love and squares them. Smooth, flat sides that fit perfectly against your fingers and gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip, helping keep your hands limber and your stitches even for hours of comfortable knitting.

Boasting the usual strong and smooth layers of laminated birch, these Foursquare needles show off the deep purples, greens, and blues of our Majestic needle colorway. The burnished surface delivers just the right amount of grip to easily manage slippery yarns while warming quickly in your hands.

Our 8” DPNs come in sets of five, offered in US sizes 4 – 11.

NOTE: Foursquare needles can be sized with our standard View Sizer, so a size 6 Foursquare needle will fit the same hole as a size 6 round needle. Your knitted gauge with Foursquare needles may vary from the same size round needle.

10.75 (7.00 mm) - 8"

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4 out of 5 stars

I bought the full range of sizes a while back. Understandably, I haven't had the opportunity to use all sizes, but I did find a couple of things: 1. A couple of the needles have slightly rough tips or slight nicks in the shaft. I assume this is from the joins in the laminate. Nothing earth shaking but a little worrisome that it might become worse. 2. Out of 5 size 4mm needles only one was actually sized correctly - the rest were 3.75. For that reason, KP refunded me (because the needles are discontinued). I should go through my set and make sure they're all sized correctly. Otherwise, they are really comfortable to knit with - I can knit for hours with little strain. Too bad they're out of stock.

5 out of 5 stars

I'm currently using 2 needles out of my set for a smaller project that I'm working flat. It's my first time using them, and I'm really enjoying using these needles. I saw they are on clearance, so my guess is they may be discontinued at some point. What a shame!! They are very light and comfortable to work work. Very smooth, they don't catch or snag the yarn. Effortless to knit with, in my experience so far.

5 out of 5 stars

These Foresquare DPN's are the BEST, Most Comfortable dpn I have Ever used!!! I Highly Recommend them...