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Today is the Day Kit

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As the amazing Dr. Seuss said: "Today is your day. The mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" He probably wasn't referring to a mountain of unfinished projects, but we can be inspired nonetheless. So grab a cup of coffee (in your inspiring new mug of course) and start finishing those WIPs! Kit includes:
  • 2-cup Globe Teapot, Red with white Polka Dots
  • Hemisphere Basket, Red
  • 12 oz. Today is the Day Mug
  • 2 balls Dishie Yarn, Fiesta Red
  • 2 balls CotLin Yarn, Moroccan Red
  • 2 skeins Shine Worsted Yarn, Serrano
  • 2 hanks Billow Yarn, Moroccan Red
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