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Snuggles - Brava Sport Value Pack

Snuggles and hugs bring coziness and joy - just like knitting and crocheting! Make a number of smaller items, or a larger items, perfect for cuddling!

Value Pack includes
  • 12 full-sized balls of Brava Sport (2 each in Blush, Lady Slipper, Freesia, Cream, Seraphim, and Silver).
Total Yardage: 3,276
Item No. 42275

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5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to see how soft or corse this yarn is. It surprised me and is quite soft and easy to work with. I am finishing the first baby blanket, and will continue to use this for future projects. It has been so soft and nice to work with. I also appreciate the colors being put together. This is not something I am good at, but once I saw this set, I knew I would love it....and I do. I look forward to more of this yarn.