Gifts for Novice Knitters

Gifts for Novice Knitters

Blocking Mats
Blocking Mats by Knit Picks $24.99
Knitting Chart Keeper
Knitting Chart Keeper by Knit Picks $14.99

Locking Stitch Markers
Locking Stitch Markers by Knit Picks $1.99
Soak Wash 12 oz
Soak Wash 12 oz by Soak Wash Inc. $16.00

View Sizer
View Sizer by Knit Picks $2.99
Finger Row Counter - White
Finger Row Counter - White by The Knitters Helper $3.95
Bent Tip Tapestry Needles
Bent Tip Tapestry Needles by Knit Picks $1.99

Retractable Tape Measure
Retractable Tape Measure by Knit Picks $1.99
Row Counter
Row Counter by Knit Picks $1.99

The Principles of Knitting
The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt $24.99 Retail: $45.00   44% off

Circular Knitting Workshop
Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe $17.25 Retail: $24.95   31% off

Row Counter Plus
Row Counter Plus by Nancy's Knit Knacks $24.00
Sock Doctor
Sock Doctor by Polar Knit $7.99
Knitting Swap Kit
Knitting Swap Kit by Knit Picks $29.99
Knit Happy Bright Bag
Knit Happy Bright Bag by K1C2, L.L.C. $24.95

Knitting Know-How
Knitting Know-How by Dorothy T. Ratigan $20.42 Retail: $27.99   27% off

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide
The Handknitter's Yarn Guide by Nikki Gabriel $16.29 Retail: $24.99   35% off

Knit Fix
Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus $15.98

Knitting in Plain English
Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti $13.44 Retail: $19.99   33% off

Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting
Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting by Sharon Turner $16.48 Retail: $24.99   34% off

Vogue Knitting Knitopedia
Vogue Knitting Knitopedia by Staff of Vogue Knitting $23.25 Retail: $34.95   33% off

Knit Dishcloths
Knit Dishcloths by Julie Ray $7.96
Knitting Emergency Kit
Knitting Emergency Kit by Knit Picks $19.99