100% Price Match Guarantee for Books Available from Knit Picks

We work hard to make sure that all of our books are offered at the best prices around. If you find another site that offers a lower price, let us know by calling 800-574-1323 and we will match it, subject to the limitations below.

Limitations and Exclusions   

Our 100% Price Match Guarantee for Books has some limitations and exclusions:

1.      You must present the competitor’s price at the time of purchase. 
2.      Price Match Guarantee applies only to books currently available from Knit Picks. 
3.      Special promotions such as rebates, gift certificates, and "buy one, get one" offers are not eligible. 
4.      Excludes books advertised as limited time/limited quantity/limited supply, or clearance and close-out. 
5.      Offer excludes membership club or loyalty program prices (e.g. prices that require a club or loyalty card.)
6.      Book must be an unused, identical item, and must be in stock and available for purchase on the competitor's U.S. or Canadian website. 
7.      Guarantee applies to websites only, not brick-and-mortar or catalog-only stores. 
8.      The website must not be an auction site
9.      Website must be run by a U.S. or Canadian Corporation. 
10.    Guarantee requires that our staff be able to find the lower priced book on a competitor’s site at the time of purchase from Knit Picks. The Knit Picks price is the price after any rebates or promotional discounts have been applied. 
11.    There is a limit of one guarantee claim per book (multiple claims on the same book will not be eligible). 
12.    Guarantee only applies to book purchases for personal use. Guarantee does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes. 
13.    We reserve the right to deny claims if our policy is being abused.
14.    At this time, our 100% Price Match Guarantee for Books only applies to orders shipped within the U.S and Canada.

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