How does the cart work?

Because we use cookies to "remember" the contents of your cart, you can put items in your cart when you're not logged in, leave, then come back a few days later and the items will still be there waiting for you if you're using the same computer. This method works wonderfully if you always browse our site from the same computer. But, many people shop not just from home but also from work, school, or the library. If you want your cart to go everywhere you go, log in using the link at the top right hand corner of your screen before you shop. If you're logged in it doesn't matter what computer or laptop you're using, you can view and modify your cart. So you can shop anytime, anywhere.

What's my Wish List for?

It's easy to get carried away. Maybe you only intended to pick up a couple skeins of sock yarn, but the next thing you knew there were ten different kinds of yarn and a whole new needle set in your cart. It happens to the best of us. With our 'Wish List' feature, you can buy that sock yarn now, and come back for the rest after you get your next paycheck (or whenever you want, really). The 'Wish List' functions a bit like a "hold" shelf in many stores. It moves the items you aren't ready to buy yet out of your cart and to the Wish List tab. So, you can buy the items you need now and re-consider the "saved" items on your next visit. If you have moved an item to the 'Wish List' section but decide that you are ready to purchase it now, just click the 'Move to Cart' button and click 'Update Changes'. To qualify for free shipping on your purchase you must meet certain minimums. You need to buy at least $50 worth of shippable merchandise to qualify for free shipping, and be shipping to the contiguous US. Buying $25 now and saving another $25 worth of merchandise in your cart for later doesn't count. Nice try though. For more information on shipping and handling policies click here.

What's the Notify Me section?

The 'Notify Me' section will allow you to save an item that is not currently in stock and then we will send you an e-mail when it is in stock again