Revised 8/19/2014

The chart for Cable Panel part 3 has now been included. If you have the ebook or individual pdf, download the updated version from your library. If you purchased a printed book, contact Customer Service for a copy of the chart. 

Revised 1/7/2015

Updated instructions are included for the sleeves and the neckline decreases.


Single Decrease Row instructions should read: "Single Decrease Row (1 st decreased at each edge). WS: P2tog TBL, work in pattern to last 2 sts, P2tog."  

At the end of the sleeve increases, the stitch counts should read: "86 (92, 98, 104, 122, 130,142, 152).

The stitch counts in the sleeve cap shaping after the BOs and the Double and Single Decreases should be 74, 76, 82, 88, 104, 116, 130,140,148) sts.

The final number of sts to be BO, just before the Body section begins, should be: 12 (20, 20, 26, 34, 34, 34, 38, 40)


Neckline Decrease should say: "RS: Work in pattern to last 3 sts of left neck edge, SSSK. Using the second ball of yarn, at right neck edge K3tog, work in pattern across right shoulder."