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Fully Reversible, Feather Light, Cozy Warm, Easy and Portable in two shapes to fit sizes up to 4xl.
People who have had shoulder injuries or older folks who are a little frail can be very vulnerable to cold, yet find heavy shoulder coverings uncomfortable. People receiving cancer treatment sometimes feel very chilled, and any extra weight can feel like a burden. This shawl will keep their shoulders and chest warm, with very little added weight.
The curved neckline and upper increases mean the shawl sits securely on the shoulders, and does not roll or fold uncomfortably against the back when seated.
The smaller, square-backed shape will keep the shoulders and chest warm for anyone up to 4xl, but will ride higher on the arms/shoulders the larger a person is. The extra-increase star-shaped back version is suitable for those with larger frames and keeps upper arms warm as well. Both measure 13 inches down the spine after blocking, but the star shaped shawl's additional increases allows it to wrap around a larger-framed person.

Yarn used in the sample is no longer available; we have made a similar yarn & color suggestion in the yarn calculator below.


Size 15 (10 mm) circular or straight needles

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  • Aloft Super Kid Mohair Yarn
    Kit cost from $8.38

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$4.19 - $6.99 / ball
Content: 72% Super Kid Mohair, 28% Silk
Weight: Lace Weight
Gauge: Lace weight
Amount: 260 yards/25 gram ball
Care: Hand Wash/Dry Flat