Deborah Tomasello's patterns

Deborah Tomasello's patterns

I am Deborah Tomasello. I'm all about color. Some people see a gorgeous sunset, and they photograph it. Others paint it. I knit it. Fiber is my medium, and when I design and knit that sunset, I make it mine. I live in Westchester County, New York, right on the beautiful Hudson River. I am surrounded by beauty, and it all feeds into my desire to design great colorwork patterns for myself and others to knit.

Busy Bee! Pattern
Busy Bee! $3.99

Denise Pattern
Denise $3.99

Dot Socks Pattern
Dot Socks $3.99

InfiniTAM Pattern
InfiniTAM $7.99

Musicowl Pattern
Musicowl $3.99