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New to Knitting eBook


The New to Knitting ebook is a wonderful resource for beginning knitters or anyone who might simply be a bit rusty and is looking to dive into projects that provide valuable lessons and techniques. Complete with color photos, clear instructions and step-by-step tutorials - this collection of patterns will be one you come back to again and again.

The Learn to Knit Hat and Scarf set walks beginning knitters through knitting, purling, changing colors and how to decrease with an included 26 page tutorial. This handy guide also includes a trouble shooting section that goes over common beginner mistakes and how to fix them. These basic fundamentals will be your stepping stone for more advanced patterns as you become more comfortable with your skill set.

The Design Your Own Sweater pattern is a 12-in-1 pattern that allows you to make a completely custom made sweater while you pick and choose design elements that suit your style. Choose from different hems, cuffs, yokes and collars in this unique pattern that allows for endless possibilities. Knit in the round, these patterns require mininal finishing. The pattern also gives the options for adding in a stripe pattern or simple working the sweater in one color.

This wonderful New to Knitting collection is truly aimed at not only getting beginning knitters to simply knit and purl, but also to understand the mechanics of knitting that will provide a solid foundation of skills that will allow your knitting to go to the next level.

The New to Knittingebook contains the following patterns:

  • Design Your Own Sweater
  • Learn to Knit Hat and Scarf

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