Gifts for Spinners

Hanks in the Hood Spinning Batts
Hanks in the Hood Spinning Batts by $28.00 $16.80 Sale / Clearance

Kromski Niddy Noddy
Kromski Niddy Noddy by New Voyager Trading $16.80

The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook
The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius $35.00 $21.00 40% off Sale

The Spinners Book of Fleece
The Spinners Book of Fleece by Beth Smith $29.95 $17.97 40% off Sale

Drop Spindle
Drop Spindle by PineCraft, Inc $15.50

Knitting Yarn Meter
Knitting Yarn Meter by Nancy's Knit Knacks $69.99

Arch Lazy Kates
Arch Lazy Kates by Kromski $16.80

Kookaburra Delicate Wool Wash
Kookaburra Delicate Wool Wash by The Kookaburra Company $16.80

Niddy Noddys
Niddy Noddys by PineCraft, Inc $16.80

Regular Bobbins
Regular Bobbins by Kromski $16.80

Threading Hooks
Threading Hooks by Kromski $16.80

Upright Lazy Kates
Upright Lazy Kates by Kromski $16.80

Spinning Stools
Spinning Stools by Kromski $16.80

Fantasia Spinning Wheels
Fantasia Spinning Wheels by Kromski $16.80

Prelude Spinning Wheels
Prelude Spinning Wheels by Kromski $16.80

Symphony Spinning Wheels
Symphony Spinning Wheels by Kromski $16.80