Gifts for Novice Knitters

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Try It Set  - Caspian and Nickel
Try It Set - Caspian and Nickel by Knit Picks $14.99

Sunstruck Straight Needles
Sunstruck Straight Needles by Knit Picks $5.49 - $13.99

Caspian Straight Needle Sets
Caspian Straight Needle Sets by Knit Picks $51.29 - $56.69 10% off

View Sizer
View Sizer by Knit Picks $2.99

Knitting Emergency Kit
Knitting Emergency Kit by Knit Picks $19.99

Retractable Tape Measure
Retractable Tape Measure by Knit Picks $1.99

Row Counter
Row Counter by Knit Picks $1.99

Locking Stitch Markers
Locking Stitch Markers by Knit Picks $1.99

Sock Doctor
Sock Doctor by Polar Knit $7.99

Kitchener Dogtag
Kitchener Dogtag by Knitcellaneous $6.50

Knit Picks Pin Back Buttons
Knit Picks Pin Back Buttons by Knit Picks $4.99

Knitters Delight Jigsaw Puzzle
Knitters Delight Jigsaw Puzzle by Springbok Puzzle $13.99

Soak Wash 12 oz
Soak Wash 12 oz by Soak Wash Inc. $51.29 - $56.69

Yarn Kitten Project Bag
Yarn Kitten Project Bag by Knit Picks $8.99

Knitting Project Bags
Knitting Project Bags by Knit Picks $51.29 - $56.69

Namaste Jemma Pouch
Namaste Jemma Pouch by Namaste Inc $51.29 - $56.69

Knit Fix
Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus $15.98

Knitting Know-How
Knitting Know-How by Dorothy T. Ratigan Retail: $27.99
$21.03   25% off

The Principles of Knitting
The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt Retail: $45.00
$24.99   44% off

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide
The Handknitter's Yarn Guide by Nikki Gabriel Retail: $24.99
$16.29   35% off

Knit Dishcloths
Knit Dishcloths by Julie Ray $7.96