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Jacquard Acid Yarn Dye Starter Set


Just to get you started we have grouped six basic dyes together for you including a warm and cool red, a warm and cool blue, yellow and black. This set includes Vermillion, Fire Red, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Yellow Sun, and Jet Black. Or if you are looking for a variety of colors, see our complete selection of dyes.

Use our Bare natural yarns and try dyeing for the first time by following the directions in our Kool-Aid Dyeing Tutorial, Jacquard Dye Tutorial. or our Gradated Dyeing Tutorial.

Download the manufacturer's instructions to learn more about the process.
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 Kelley interviews Melissa about creating hand dyed yarn in podcast episode 38.

Alison uses Jacquard acid dyes to dye roving.  Check out her handspun here.

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