Author: Lorilee Beltman
Binding: DVD
Pages: 67 minutes
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Vertically Stranded Colorwork DVD


Learn Lorilee Beltman’s ingenious technique for Vertically Stranded Colorwork!
Lorilee has developed a brand new way to strand contrasting colors up your work, using Rovaniemi colorwork from Finland as her inspiration. This technique is easy to learn, easy to knit, and opens up endless possibilities for creativity in your own pattern designs and modifications. Create colorwork socks with no stretch or tension problems or add a pop of color and texture to a simple scarf.
Get started by knitting the beautiful Hourglass Cowl pattern included in this video workshop!
With this video, you will:
Learn the simple stitches comprising Vertically Stranded Colorwork
Manage your main and contrasting strands using a yarn butterfly
Work vertical colorwork both flat and in-the-round
Experiment with colors, textures, and patterns to create unique designs
Gain tools to prevent problems and troubleshoot your knitting
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