Author: Clara Parkes
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160 Pages
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The Yarn Whisperer

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In The Yarn Whisperer, renowned knitter and author Clara Parkes using knitting as a metaphor to tell her own story via 22 captivating, poignant and hilarious essays.

Spinning masterful yarns, she tells of eccentric relatives and the abrupt steek of divorce, of trying to make her puffy stitches fit within France's smooth fabric, of coming out as a knitter, and eventually cutting herself free from Silicon Valley to lead a more creative life on the coast of Maine. Throughout she draws clever parallels between what happens around us and what we see on our needles, revealing universal truths that both knitters and non-knitters can appreciate.

Put simply: For life really is a stitch. It has a beginning, a midpoint and an end. It serves a purpose, and if we're lucky, it creates something far greater than the sum of its parts."
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