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Author: Gwen Steege
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 320 pages
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The Knitter's Life List

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The Knitter's Life List is the ultimate guide to everything knitting and yarn, a must have for any fiber fanatic! This unique book is a richly illustrated compilation of more than 1000 things to try in a knitter's fiber life that can't be missed. Filled with lists of yarns to try, projects to make, places to see and designers to meet - The Knitter's Life List lets you create a fiber adventure as you search out new experiences, techniques to try, yarns to search out, and books to read, all that can be checked off as you complete them. This is also a great way to stay connected and active in the fiber community by giving you a list of fiber festivals and events, in addition to inspiring knitters to try and search out new things. Additionally, this book is a wealth of information on all things knitting, yarn, fiber and sheep. You will also find highlighted bios of designers, authors and many others active in the fiber community. The Knitter's Life List filled with enough knitting adventures to last a lifetime!
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