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Author: Maggie Casey with Eunny Jang
Binding: DVD
Pages: 2 DVDs - 144 minutes
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2.000000 out of 5 stars

Start Spinning: the Video DVD


Imagine this: Maggie Casey, spinning teacher extraordinaire. Eunny Jang, deeply inquisitive knitting maven. A video studio with four cameras trained on their hands, their feet, their wheels, their wool, for a whole day, while Maggie teaches Eunny to spin. The end result: a two-DVD set that will take you from just wool to good yarn and beyond.

All you need are these videos, some wool, and the wheel of your choice!

You’ll learn:
* How, when, and why to pre-draft your fiber
* How to adjust your wheel so it will be your best friend
* How to spin a good single yarn
* How to ply and finish a good skein
And that’s just the first disk!

Then you will go on to:
* Carding and combing
* Spinning with a long draw
* Spinning a worsted yarn
* Spinning from the fold
* Tackling exotic fibers from silk to cashmere to buffalo and beyond

Voila! You’re a spinner!
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2 out of 5 stars

I was disappointed with this DVD. It had some good information but it wasn’t presented very well. The camera was set up on the opposite side of the room facing both spinners so we saw the back of their wheels as they spun. Sometimes the camera would move in for a close up other times they didn’t. which meant that about half the time you can’t see what they are talking about or what they were doing. for example when she was showing you how to take care of the wheel she said you put a little oil here and here and here. But since she was pointing to the front of the wheel and the camera is about 15 feet away you don’t know where she is pointing to. Another time she is showing the difference between merino fiber and Iceland (I think it was) and both of them are looking at it but again the camera never moves in so we don’t get to see what she is talking about. For what I paid I really expected more so my personal feeling is this DVD is overpriced and I regret buying it.