Author: Heather Zoppetti
Binding: DVD
Pages: 59 Minutes
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2.500000 out of 5 stars

Start Knitting Lace DVD - Interweave Knits Workshop


Ethereal made easy: Instructor and designer Heather Zoppetti shows you what makes lace her favorite pattern to knit and teaches the skills to make it yours, too.

Beginning with stitch maneuvers and progressing to specialized lace skills, you'll master these fundamentals:

- Work special increases and decreases for pictorial effects.
- Uncover the secrets of lace knitting charts.
- Transform your lace with blocking techniques.
- Troubleshoot and prevent mistakes in complex patterns

Plus: Practice lace knitting with the lace sampler scarf pattern PDF, included with this workshop!
Item No. 81978

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3 out of 5 stars

Thank you for printing honest reviews on,as I had puzzled on whether this would be a good primer on lace knitting for me. After reading many reviews and other knitters opinions,I believe I will purchase lace knitting by Meg Swansen instead.A very experienced,excellent lace knitter with an adeptness at teaching new knitters and those new to lace knitting as well.

2 out of 5 stars

I was very disappointed with this video given its cost. If you are a Nervous Nelly as I am about knitting lace, this may not be the best way to be introduced to it. While production values are good and specific stitches are illustrated in the video, it does not give a step-by-step illustration on a given project but instead refers you to written instructions that you must print out and puzzle over. The instructor also goes through the few stitches illustrated very rapidly and it is not always obvious from the swatches used what you're supposed to look for. Unfortunately I came away more intimidated by lace and chart reading than I was before I started! If you knit carrying your yarn in your right hand, you may also find the video not as helpful. Only one style of knitting (yarn carried in left hand) was illustrated, so if you are a right-hand carry person, you are out of luck here. I would suggest you may want to use other resources than this one.