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Author: Anne Field
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 10 projects - 160 pages
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Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics

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This revised and updated edition is now available in full color and is essential for experienced spinners who want to build on the basics of Anne Field's previous book, The Ashford Book of Spinning. Divided into four parts, the first chapter covers the world of wool including everything from the care of fleeces to a guide on how to properly analyze your fleece. The next chapter moves onto spinning wheels and goes over different types of spinning wheels in addition to a more in depth look at drive ratio, twists and yarn sizes. The process of actual yarn design is the topic of the third section and discusses different carding and drafting techniques. Finally, the book brings everything together with a final chapter of 10 projects that use different types of hand spun yarn. Learn all about a global range of fleece types, detailed functions of bobbins and flyer wheels, how to carefully spin yarn to a predetermined size and so much more. This is truly an invaluable guide to learning beyond the basics and gaining mastery of the craft in order to bridge the gap between the beginning raw materials to the final product.
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