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Author: Jacey Boggs
Binding: Softcover with DVD
Pages: 143 Ppages
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Spin Art: Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn

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Inside Spin Art you will discover 30 spinning techniques, from autowrap and cocoons to spiral plying, halos and corehives. Each technique is also accompanied by step-by-step photography, detailed explanations, and helpful tips. You will find a bonus DVD starring Jacey Boggs that offers insightful commentary, motivations demonstrations and much more. Jacey Bogg's vibrant imagination and deep understanding will help you create delicious and beautiful yarns. Explore the other side of traditional spinning when you integrate Jacey's expert techniques. The yarns in this richly illustrated guide are as well made as they are inventive--often quirky, but always skillfully constructed. Spin Art is an irresistible adventure for spinners who can't wait to create delightful, durable. and "gourmet" textured yarns.
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