Author: Anna Dalvi
Binding: softcover
Pages: 10 projects - 109 pages
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Shaping Shawls

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Shaping Shawls is a truly unique lace book that contains 10 stunning patterns alongside resource materials to aid knitters in designing their own shawl. Anna Dalvi of Knit & Knag Designs created this book to help make the art of shawl design more accessible, as so many knitters love lace but would not think to starting their own creation from the ground up. If you have ever had a specific vision in mind for a shawl, this amazing book gives you everything you need to turn your idea into a knitted creation. Anna begins with an introduction of lace design and gives an overview of why stitch count changes, why you must block your lace, when to use stockinette and garter stitch, how to decide on a gauge and yarn, what tools you need for designing your shawl in addition to the best cast ons and bind offs for lace. The following chapters are then broken up into types of shawl designs, including rectangular, standard triangular (top down and bottom up), variations on triangular, square, and edgings. Each of these chapters include at least one of Anna's stunning designs to highlight key points and elements particular to each shawl shape. Additionally, each section is filled with schematics and breaks down the math behind each particular shawl type, allowing you to create completely custom made shawl to suit your style. For adventurous knitters, Anna also covers how you can create additional spaces on triangular shawls that allow for even more visual interest and patterning. Filled with stunning photography, Shaping Shawls is sure to get you inspired right away. With Anna's expert guidance, you will be able to create custom knit shawls and finally understand the how, what, and why behind shawl design.
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1 out of 5 stars

Worst printing of a book I've ever seen. The pages are cheap printer paper quality, and it looks and feels like I printed it on my home computer. The binding looks normal, but every time I open this book steam comes out of my ears. I paid for a book that I could have printed out on my home computer and gotten better quality. The images are very dark, hard to see stitches on what you want to knit. The pages are not glossy but have dark, dull colors and the smallest breeze blows them around. Ugh! CONTENT: confusing and poorly presented. Sorry to the authors, I just hate this book.