Reference Knitting Books

Knitting reference books covering techniques from basic to advanced, stitch dictionaries & books on how to fix knitting mistakes. Up to 37% off retail prices.

Reference Knitting Books

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Finish-Free Knitting Techniques DVD
Finish-Free Knitting Techniques DVD by Kristen TenDyke $24.95

Tablet Weaving Made Easy DVD
Tablet Weaving Made Easy DVD by John Mullarkey $34.95

Life After Warping DVD
Life After Warping DVD by Liz Gipson $34.95

Blocking Knits DVD
Blocking Knits DVD by Anne Hanson $24.95

Needle Felting Animals DVD
Needle Felting Animals DVD by Sahron Costello $34.99

3D Crochet DVD
3D Crochet DVD by Brenda K. B. Anderson $34.95

Natural Dyeing - Spin-off DVD
Natural Dyeing - Spin-off DVD by Dagmar Klos $24.99

Continental Knitting DVD
Continental Knitting DVD by Biggan Ryd-Dups $24.99

The Structure of Shawls DVD
The Structure of Shawls DVD by Angela Tong New! $24.99

Make That Yarn DVD
Make That Yarn DVD by Interweave Knits New! $24.99

Crochet Finishing Techniques
Crochet Finishing Techniques by Robyn Chachula New! $24.99

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