Author: Hunter Hammersen
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 5 Projects - 20 Pages
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Rabble Rousers

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"I know what it's like. You're busy. You're out there fomenting the revolution, stirring up the populace; that sort of schedule doesn't leave you with a lot of downtime. But that doesn't mean you don't need to knit. It might actually mean you need to knit even more than the rest of us. We wouldn't want you to lose your equanimity as you work on becoming our first Benevolent Dictator for Life."

With cheek and talent, Hunter Hammersen presents five versatile pieces - cowls, hats and a pair of adorable cuffs - that pair well with an activist (or plainly active) lifestyle. Don't have much room in your bag? Well, that can happen with a busy schedule. Good news: All of these projects use only one skein of yarn or less, so tote away.
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