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Author: Various
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 25 Projects - 96 Pages
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Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits

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Dogs can't knit. But they sure can wear it well.
Could your Chinese crested powder puff rock a vintage ruffled bonnet? Does your pug pine for a fabulous ten-gallon cowboy hat? Or perhaps your bulldog hopes to cast off his thuggish street cred with a preppy letterman sweater?
Featuring more than 25 super-cute knitting patterns and embellishments, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is a fun and simple way to swathe your four-legged friend in the very best of handmade finery!
With clearly explained step-by-step instructions and inspiringly hilarious photographs, this unique book provides adorable knitting projects and how-to advice for novice knitters and precocious purlers alike. So whether you wish to adorn your canine fashionista with a stylish beret, toasty legwarmers, adorable rabbit ears, or a cozy sweater for crisp winter nights, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is the perfect book for you.
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