New Knitting Books

The newest knitting pattern, crochet and technique books! Reference libraries, stitch dictionaries, pattern collections, specific technique instruction s and so much more.

New Knitting Books

Knits for Everybody Two!
Knits for Everybody Two! Edited by Knit Picks Staff $19.99 $15.99 20% off New / Sale AVAILABLE 8/2/17

Milestones and Memories
Milestones and Memories Edited by Knit Picks Staff $29.99 $23.99 20% off New / Sale AVAILABLE 8/2/17

Luxurious Lace Collection
Luxurious Lace Collection Edited by Knit Picks Staff $29.99 $14.99 50% off Sale

Shawls For All Collection
Shawls For All Collection by Joyce Fassbender $19.99 $11.99 40% off Sale

How to Knit
How to Knit by Tina Barrett $12.95 $7.77 40% off Sale

How to Crochet
How to Crochet by Emma Varnam $12.95 $7.77 40% off Sale

Complete Needle Guide
Complete Needle Guide Edited by Knit Picks Staff $1.99 $1.19 40% off Sale

Mosaic and Lace Knits
Mosaic and Lace Knits by Barbara Benson $24.95 $14.97 40% off Sale AVAILABLE 8/25/17

Stunning Stitches
Stunning Stitches by Jen Lucas $24.99 $14.99 40% off Sale

Mittens From Around Norway
Mittens From Around Norway by Nina Granlund Saether $26.95 $16.17 40% off Sale

Tweed Yarn Knitting
Tweed Yarn Knitting by Editors of Landlust Magazine $23.95 $14.37 40% off Sale

Crocheted Gifts for Baby
Crocheted Gifts for Baby by Jennifer Stiller $19.95 $11.97 40% off Sale

Crochet Baskets
Crochet Baskets by Nola A. Heidebreder & Linda Pietz $22.95 $13.77 40% off Sale

Classic Knit Shawls
Classic Knit Shawls by Staff of Interweave Press $22.99 $13.79 40% off Sale AVAILABLE 8/4/17