Knitting Pattern Collections

Knitting pattern collection books - find well-known designers and patterns using specific techniques. All offered to you at up to 37% off retail prices. Reviewed by knowledgeable knitters, with inside pictures.

Knitting Pattern Collections

Knitting Around the World
Knitting Around the World by Lela Nargi Retail: $35.00
$24.50   30% off

Knits for Nerds
Knits for Nerds by Toni Carr Retail: $16.99
$11.49   32% off

The Best of Knitscene
The Best of Knitscene by Lisa Shroyer Retail: $24.95
$16.45   34% off

Beyond Toes
Beyond Toes by Judy Becker $28.95

Coastal Knits
Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos & Hannah Fettig $17.60

Extreme Double Knitting
Extreme Double Knitting by Alasdair Post Quinn $29.95

Textured Stitches
Textured Stitches by Connie Chang Chinchio Retail: $24.95
$16.45   34% off

Ultimate Mittens
Ultimate Mittens by Robin Hansen Retail: $35.00
$22.99   34% off

Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet
Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet by Donna Kooler Retail: $24.99
$17.86   29% off

The Lace Knitting Palette
The Lace Knitting Palette by Catherine M. Thomson Retail: $24.95
$17.47   30% off

Knitting Know-How
Knitting Know-How by Dorothy T. Ratigan Retail: $27.99
$21.03   25% off

Beyond Knit & Purl
Beyond Knit & Purl by Kate Atherley $26.95

I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting
I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila G. Joynes $7.96

Knitting with The Color Guys
Knitting with The Color Guys by Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably Retail: $24.95
$17.47   30% off

The Knitted Home
The Knitted Home by Sian Brown Retail: $19.95
$15.18   24% off

Hats by Guild of Master Craftsman Sale! Retail: $14.95
$8.97   40% off

A Handknit Romance
A Handknit Romance by Jennie Atkinson Sale! Retail: $24.95
$14.97   40% off

Lovely Knits for Little Girls
Lovely Knits for Little Girls by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard Retail: $22.95
$15.59   32% off

Custom Knits Accessories
Custom Knits Accessories by Wendy Bernard Sale! Retail: $27.50
$16.50   40% off

Fairytale Knits
Fairytale Knits by Katharina Ritter Sale! Retail: $19.95
$11.97   40% off

Noni Flowers
Noni Flowers by Nora J. Bellows Retail: $24.99
$16.45   34% off

50 Knit & Crochet Accessories
50 Knit & Crochet Accessories by Various Sale! Retail: $14.95
$8.97   40% off

Super-Scary Mochimochi
Super-Scary Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec Retail: $19.95
$13.55   32% off

Granny Square Crochet
Granny Square Crochet by Catherine Hirst Sale! Retail: $21.95
$13.17   40% off