Knitting Pattern Collections

Knitting pattern collection books - find well-known designers and patterns using specific techniques. All offered to you at up to 37% off retail prices. Reviewed by knowledgeable knitters, with inside pictures.

Knitting Pattern Collections

Warm Little Knits
Warm Little Knits by Grete Letting Sale! Retail: $19.95
$11.97   40% off

Beyond Knit & Purl
Beyond Knit & Purl by Kate Atherley $26.95

Knit Simple 45 Scarves to Knit
Knit Simple 45 Scarves to Knit by Editors of Knit Simple $11.96

Literary Knits
Literary Knits by Nikol Lohr Sale! Retail: $22.99
$13.79   40% off

Unexpected Afghans
Unexpected Afghans by Robyn Chachula Retail: $22.95
$15.77   31% off

Custom Crocheted Sweaters
Custom Crocheted Sweaters by Dora Ohrenstein Retail: $22.95
$16.30   29% off

Knitting Noro Softcover
Knitting Noro Softcover by Jane Ellison Retail: $21.99
$15.39   30% off

Great Little Gifts to Knit
Great Little Gifts to Knit by Jean Moss Retail: $21.95
$13.17   40% off

Honoring Our Veterans
Honoring Our Veterans by Carolyn Pfeifer Sale! Retail: $12.99
$7.79   40% off

Baby Knits Made Easy
Baby Knits Made Easy by DK Publishing Retail: $19.95
$14.81   26% off

Threads Selects Colorwork Socks
Threads Selects Colorwork Socks by Kathleen Taylor $7.96

Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet
Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet by Shufu-To-Seikatsu Sha Retail: $14.95
$10.22   32% off

Once Upon a Knit
Once Upon a Knit by Genevieve Miller Retail: $19.99
$15.25   24% off

Hearth and Home Collection
Hearth and Home Collection by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $14.99

Granny Squares
Granny Squares by Stephanie Gohr, Melanie Sturm & Barbara Wilder Retail: $19.95
$15.49   22% off

Knits of a Feather
Knits of a Feather by A default vendor for workflow Retail: $19.95
$11.97   40% off

Stitch Mountain
Stitch Mountain by Laura Zander Retail: $19.95
$15.69   21% off

Knit Dishcloths
Knit Dishcloths by Julie Ray $7.96

Beyond Toes
Beyond Toes by Judy Becker $28.95

One + One Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs
One + One Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs by Iris Schreier Retail: $17.95
$12.57   30% off

Wool Buddies
Wool Buddies by Jackie Huang Retail: $18.95
$11.58   39% off

Gloss 2014 Collection
Gloss 2014 Collection by Edited by Knit Picks Staff $14.99

Wrapped in Lace
Wrapped in Lace by Margaret Stove Retail: $26.95
$17.75   34% off