Knitting Pattern Collections

Knitting pattern collection books - find well-known designers and patterns using specific techniques. All offered to you at up to 37% off retail prices. Reviewed by knowledgeable knitters, with inside pictures.

Knitting Pattern Collections

Knitted & Crocheted Slippers
Knitted & Crocheted Slippers by Alison Howard Sale! Retail: $14.95
$11.41   24% off

Cutest Ever Baby Toys to Knit
Cutest Ever Baby Toys to Knit by Val Pierce Sale! Retail: $19.95
$15.36   23% off

Illuminated Lines
Illuminated Lines by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $14.99

Sock-Yarn Shawls
Sock-Yarn Shawls by Jen Lucas Retail: $24.99
$18.95   24% off

New Tatting
New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto Retail: $24.99
$18.48   26% off

Green Gables Knits
Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson $11.96

Knitting with Icelandic Wool
Knitting with Icelandic Wool by Vedis Jonsdottir Retail: $29.99
$19.78   34% off

Knitting Reimagined
Knitting Reimagined by Nicky Epstein Retail: $29.99
$21.44   29% off

Worsted Basics Collection
Worsted Basics Collection by Kerin Dimeler- Laurence $14.99

Socktopus by Alice Yu Retail: $19.95
$14.88   25% off

Mini Knitted Safari
Mini Knitted Safari by Sachiyo Ishii New! Sale! Retail: $15.95
$9.57   40% off

25 Knitted Accessories
25 Knitted Accessories by Interweave Knits Retail: $22.99
$17.80   23% off

Shaping Shawls
Shaping Shawls by Anna Dalvi Retail: $26.95
$21.56   20% off

Norwegian Mittens and Gloves
Norwegian Mittens and Gloves by Annemor Sundbo Retail: $24.95
$16.45   34% off

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving
Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport Retail: $26.95
$16.45   39% off

Extreme Double Knitting
Extreme Double Knitting by Alasdair Post Quinn $29.95

Seamless Knits
Seamless Knits by Andra Knight-Bowman Retail: $24.99
$19.15   23% off

Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts
Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts by Interweave Knits Retail: $14.99
$8.99   40% off

Vogue Knitting: Very Easy Sweaters
Vogue Knitting: Very Easy Sweaters by Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine Retail: $24.95
$18.07   28% off

Knitting Brioche
Knitting Brioche by Nancy Marchant Retail: $27.99
$19.94   29% off

Knitted Lace of Estonia with DVD
Knitted Lace of Estonia with DVD by Nancy Bush Retail: $26.95
$17.75   34% off

Fair Isle & Nordic Knits
Fair Isle & Nordic Knits by Nicki Trench New! Sale! Retail: $21.95
$13.17   40% off

Mastering Color Knitting
Mastering Color Knitting by Melissa Leapman Retail: $22.99
$17.23   25% off

Knitted Dogs & Puppies
Knitted Dogs & Puppies by Sue Stratford Sale! Retail: $17.95
$10.77   40% off