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Author: Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 16 Projects - 144 Pages
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Knit Your Own Cat

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Knit Your Own Cat is the perfect gift for cat-lovers and knitters everywhere. This irresistible book is full of simple patterns to create you very own knitted cat. Choose from the pretty Persian, the sleek Siamese, the traditional Tabby, or over a dozen other breeds. Every pattern is easy-to-follow for both new and experienced knitters. There are expert tips on choosing yarns, stuffing and sewing the cat, and adding personality to your kitty with details like collars, bells and bows. You can also knit your cat in different positions like standing, sitting crouching and even curled up.

Important note: The cats in this book are not meant to be toys. If you intend to use them for small children, do not use pipe cleaners in the construction. Instead, you will need to densely stuff the legs to make the cat stand up.
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