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Author: Anna Zilboorg
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Knit Free-Sole Socks DVD


Learn an ingenious sock knitting technique that allows worn soles to be reknitted as often as needed! Discover designer Anna Zilboorg's new method that preserves the comfortable flap-and-gusset heel and allows gorgeous patterns to be knitted from the toe up. Tutorial includes:
- An easy method for knitting a heel flap from toe up
- Ways to add a colorful pattern or precious yarn to the heel, instep and cuff
- Techniques to join the sole and instep perfectly
- How to knit a toe that creates a pattern all the way around the foot
- The most amazing trick of all: How to reknit a sole easily and invisibly to make your socks last a lifetime!
Bonus: Practice these techniques with the included pattern for Half-Stranded Socks, a colorful design that you'll wear for years.
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