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Author: Rita Buchanan
Binding: DVD
Pages: 155 minutes total— 2 discs
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How I Spin DVD


What can you learn from someone who spins all day, every day (except during gardening season), and who produces her own handspun shirts, sweaters, blankets, rugs, table linens, bath towels, aprons, even gardening shorts? Short answer: A lot! Rita Buchanan has spent more thoughtful time preparing fiber, spinning yarn, and making fabrics from her handspun than perhaps anyone in the developed world. This is not just mindless handwork; Rita has a keen, analytical mind that she applies consistently to testing, sampling, and record keeping, and she balances this against her pure joy in the process. The result is a body of knowledge and practice that sometimes defies convention, and always instructs and engages. In this set you’ll learn:

• How to control yarn size with your hands, not with wheel adjustments
• How to create the most wonderful preparations using cards, combs, and more
• A no-fuss way to dye fiber in your oven
• An easy approach to plying – and why plying may not matter much
• How to spin cotton while reading your favorite book
• And so much more.
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