Author: Nancy Bush
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 18 Projects - 151 pages
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Folk Socks, Updated Edition

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How is it possible to pack one small book with so much information about knitting socks? Originally published in 1994, Folk Socks kicked off the sock-knitting phenomenon, as it taught knitters in North America all about how to knit socks with a heritage. The first forty-five pages cover the history of socks from Greek felted shoe or sandal liners through British hand knitters as well as European socks. Then Nancy explains how you can carry on the tradition by knitting socks of your own as she walks you through each step. Her Classic Sock pattern with a ribbed leg, Round Heel and Wedge Toe is perfect for a beginner thanks to the detailed instructions. Then look through the photos and instructions for seven heels and eight toes to choose from for your next pair of socks. Nancy's eighteen sock patterns incorporate her selection of heel and toe treatments as well as historical styles she has adapted to modern yarns and tastes. The updated version of Folk Socks, also provides updated information on new yarns as well as modifications. Give your feet the happiness they deserve when you add this updated classic to your collection.
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5 out of 5 stars

I bought this book in 1996, as a very new knitter. I wanted to make socks, so socks I made! One practice square and I was off, on my brand new Addi double points with my Regia sock yarn. The basic sock pattern in this book is the one I use to this day. I've made about half of the socks in the book and taken ideas and techniques from all of them. I may have to buy a second copy as my first one has become fairly battered... and I want to see what the new bits are!

4 out of 5 stars

I have knit many of these patterns and love them, but the patterns are strange. I wrote a very detailed review on Amazon if you are curious, but one example is that the blue and white patterns in the photo above doesn't bend at the heel well (even my LYS was mystified at the way the pattern was written, it wasn't just me). I think this is a book for experienced knitter, and s/he should follow general common sense with changing the patterns where they don't make sense.