Author: Kathryn Alexander
Binding: DVD
Pages: 118 Minutes
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Entrelac Knitting DVD


What is entrelac? This deceptively simple knitting technique creates small shapes using short row techniques that build upon each other; the overall effect often looks like basketweave as the shapes lean to the right or left and appear to be interlocking.

Kathryn Alexander has spent her career exploring entrelac and has taken the medium in so many directions - not only left and right, but up and out, down and around, swirling, whirling, and every-which-way! In this expert video workshop, you learn to:

- Add more excitement to your fabric surface by combining entrelac knitting with energized yarns.
- Work short rows without turning your work.
- Make right-leaning and left-leaning rectangles, triangles, peaks, boxes, and even knitted swirls.
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