Author: Abby Franquemont
Binding: DVD
Pages: 1 disc: 62 minutes total
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Drafting: the Long and Short of It DVD


If you have ever wondered what the difference is between woolen and worsted spinning only to be confused by what you found, then Drafting: The Long and Short of It is all you will need to have a clear grasp on each technique. Let Abby Franquemont address all of your questions and worries in this DVD. Having been a spinner since the age of five, Abby is a wealth of resources on all things spinning and will guide you through a wide range of drafting methods that will allow you to make the yarn that you want. With the help of Abby’s knowledge, you will learn to use a range of drafting methods, joins as well as when and how to use each.

Techniques that are covered include:
-the short forward draw
-the backwards long draw
-hybrid drafting methods
-making good joins
-spinning ergonomics
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