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Author: Wendy Bernard and Kimbal Hall
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 20 projects - 160 pages
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Custom Knits 2

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Knitwear designer, blogger. and author Wendy Bernard continues her quest in empowering knitters to alter, adapt and convert patterns to suit their style and flatter their figures. In Custom Knits 2, Wendy presents formulas, tips, and tricks that allows you to create a completely custom knit no matter what size or shape the pattern is written for. The first chapter opens with how to properly plan for a sweater to get the results you have in mind. The next section moves into basic alterations that create the shape you are looking for in a sweater. Chapter three is chock full of information to help you size an adult sweater from a child's sweater as well as how to size a child's sweater from an adult sized pattern. Wendy also covers how to create a tailored raglan sweater for a completely customized fit. Finally, Custom Knits 2 wraps up with tricks and techniques for substituting yarns, working with different gauges, and even stitch patterns! The book includes twenty patterns that highlight techniques along with each chapter, giving you designs for cute cardigans, tanks, vests, pullovers, hats, scarves for men, women and children! Designed to teach knitters to think outside of the box, this clever book uses top-down techniques to create perfect-fit sweaters with a little guidance and a calculator.
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