Author: Deb Menz
Binding: DVD
Pages: 63 minutes
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Color Magic Color Families DVD


In any medium, color is the key to successful crafting. The right color combination can take a project from good to spectacular, whereas a poor combination can waste time and materials with disappointing results. The great news is that “color sense” can be learned! In this video, master colorist and crafter Deb Menz introduces you to the family traits of colors. What is a “warm” blue? How does yellow affect everything around it, and how can you use that to your advantage? What if you can’t find the exact color of yarn, fabric, or beads that you want? How can you design or substitute with confidence?
Through color exercises with Deb, you’ll learn:
The six hue families
How to identify and work with warm and cool colors
How to spot and work with undertones
How to successfully combine hue families in your designs
Master colorist and  crafter Deb Menz makes color theory fun and accessible and applies it to a multitude of crafts!
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