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Yarnvalanche! The Worsted for Wear Collection

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Does the phrase "just let me finish this row" sound terrifically familiar? Do you find yourself claiming you're only going to buy "one more skein" of yarn? Then, you'll love the laughs and heartfelt moments of Worsted for Wear, the internet's best knitting comic strip!

Follow in the journeys of Cam (a young woman with a passion for knitting, a big heart and a stubborn streak), Ellie (her best friend who is weak to all things cute), her husband Graham (a video-game loving guy with a secret passion for knitting), Adele (a mother of three who is always trying to find the time to knit), Penny (a fitness buff with an allergy to natural fibers), and Marie (a horror movie fan who can make dolls that straddle the line between creepy and cute). Not to mention Zimmer (Cam's yarn-theiving cat) and Rambo (Ellie's angora bunny).

In addition to the first year of comic strips, this collection features plenty of bonus material, such as concept art, commentary on selected strips, patterns, recipes and much more.

And pssst: Guess what? Knit Picks makes a cameo appearance or two!
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