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Row Counter Plus

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You no longer have to keep track of your knitting and crochet notes on scraps of paper! The Row Counter Plus is a dedicated counter for rows and repeats. This improved model can add and subtract rows on three separate counters simultaneously. The unit is very sturdy, small and lightweight, and it has been designed to be hung around the user's neck on a 23" lanyard (included). Color coded buttons make it easy to remember their functions, and the unit saves data when turned off (no more accidental triggering of buttons while in your project bag).
- Reset button
- Weighs 1.5 ounces
- 3" high x 2" wide x .75" thick
- Each of the three counters displays numbers up to 9999
-LCD display
- Long-life battery that is easily changed by the user.
Retail: $30.00 Item No. 81781

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