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Premium Sock Knitting Kit

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If sock knitting is your passion then you'll love our Premium Sock Knitting Kit, filled with the tools of the trade. The kit contains our gorgeous Caspian 40" fixed circular needles in sizes US 0 (2mm),? US 1 (2.25mm), US 1 (2.5mm), US 2 (2.75mm), US 2 (3mm) and US 3 (3.25mm) needles, Sock Blockers (size medium) a "Sock It to Me" card and Sock Blocker Keychain, as well as books you'll love: "The Knitters Book of Socks" and "The Magic Loop". A Knit Picks "Yarn Talk" project bag keeps everything in one place!
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4 out of 5 stars

For me, there is only one thing wrong with this kit. I knit socks for people with large feet. Why not offer this kit in small, medium, and large, and include the size sock blocker in small in the small kit, medium in the medium kit, and large in the large kit? Yes some people make socks in several sizes, and one can always order extra sock blockers, but why include automatically a size that some of us do not need. I am sure that other people also make only small socks or only large socks.