New Tools & Accessories

The latest, greatest knitting gadgets! Tools and accessories to make knitting easier, faster and more fun. Maybe it's a yarn management breakthrough, a snazzy new row counter or something to tame your needles.

New Tools & Accessories

Cicrular Needle Binder
Cicrular Needle Binder by Yazzii International $39.95 New

Cedar Butterfly Closet Hang-Ups
Cedar Butterfly Closet Hang-Ups by Prym-Dritz $5.99 $4.79

Mini Weaving Loom Single
Mini Weaving Loom Single by Clover Needlecraft $19.95 $15.96 New

Wool Dryer Balls 2-Pack
Wool Dryer Balls 2-Pack by Prym-Dritz $11.99 $9.59

Chickadee - Porcelain Mug
Chickadee - Porcelain Mug by Now Designs $7.99

The Compact Craft Organizer
The Compact Craft Organizer by Yazzii International $24.95 New

Double Petite Craft Organizer
Double Petite Craft Organizer by Yazzii International $39.95 New

Knitting Needle Case
Knitting Needle Case by Yazzii International $29.95 New

Mini Organizer Large
Mini Organizer Large by Yazzii International $39.95 New